Executive Summary

David Lustig is an accomplished manger with 20+ years of experience in operations and general management. Proven record of exceeding revenue goals in robust and downturn markets. Strong technical background with the ability to analyze needs and deliver value-added solutions. Building strong relationships to create team spirit internally and externally to boost brand loyalty. Consistently successful with development and implementation of efficiency initiatives to improve performance.


"David was always a pleasure to work with at QDI. He trained me to look at things in a different way and look outside the box. David always had a great outlook and was someone I consider a friend as well." —Wendy Willet View Wendy Willet's profile on LinkedIn

"David helped me buy my home in only two weeks during the housing boom. The house has maintained it values and been a great experience.

I highly recommend David as a real-estate agent." —Stewart Rogers, View Stewart Rogers' profile on LinkedIn

"Hands-on REALTOR, with common sense, attention to detail. Devoted to his clients, customers and business partners. You can count on David!"
—George Milos View George Milos' profile on LinkedIn

"I remember David as the hard working, dedicated Director of Vendor Relations at QDI. His negotiating expertise was always thorough and fair."
—Tony Mustillo View Tony Mustillo's profile on LinkedIn

"David was a very professional client of mine that was knowledgeable about the product purchased and the industry that we served in. He was honest and upfront in all phases of our relationship."
—Kevin Thompson View Kevin Thompson's profile on LinkedIn